Death on Cache Lake

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Dan Woll, co-author of Death on Cache Lake is back with more tales of adventure in the Northwoods. This time, they’re true! You will love this book if you’ve ever paddled a canoe on a wild river, climbed a mountain, cycled lonely country roads, or sat by a roaring campfire while a solitary loon cries on a moonlit lake.

Dan Woll author of Death on Cache Lake

Dan Woll, author of “Death on Cache Lake”

After years of writing freelance for magazines and newspapers, Woll co-authored his first novel, Death On Cache Lake, in December 2011 with the late John Lyon.

Set in the tumultuous days of 1970 as the University of Wisconsin anti-war movement imploded after a deadly campus bombing, Death on Cache Lake takes the reader on a dark odyssey through the lake wilds of Ontario, and the woods and small towns of Wisconsin.

A fishing trip in Quetico Provincial Park turns violently tragic when friends Caleb Pratt and John Short cross paths with a former acquaintance who is running for his life, aided and abetted by a sociopathic mercenary. Death on Cache Lake is a must read for anyone who has ever paddled a canoe across a northern lake, hiked on an isolated mountain, or spent a night in a lonely cabin buffeted by a roaring blizzard.

This spellbinding tale of political intrigue and conspiracy will also captivate history buffs who share the authors’ fascination with American crimes that seem solvable but remain mysteries. Caleb and John’s adrenaline-filled flight through Ontario to unravel the conspiracy and save their lives takes them on trains, hitch-hiked rides on trucks, cross country skis, and canoes, all at a breakneck pace climaxing in an unforgettable reckoning.

About Dan Woll
Woll is a former public school teacher, principal and superintendent. His educational philosophy is informed by two years in an inner city public school on the East Coast as a member of the American Teacher Corps and years in his beloved small town Wisconsin. He has extensive technical rock climbing experience including ascents of Devil’s Tower, Half Dome, and El Capitan. His climbing days appear to be behind him but he continues to be a competitive cyclist. He lives in River Falls, Wisconsin with his wife, Beth. They have three grown daughters.